Friday, December 23, 2011

Tonight is the night before Christmas Eve, and my parents house is quiet.  Since I have 2 days off work, I thought I would get in as much family time as possible.  But the house just doesn't feel the same......

It is super windy here again, and there is NO snow on the ground :)  

A brown Christmas is just fine with me, as I do not care for the snow at all.....  I do know that when I retire I will be a snow bird.  Warmer climates just call my name!!

There are some days (well, make that most days) when I wish I was back in Tequila or Guadalajara, Mexico.  I spent 2 weeks there last summer, and it was the best time of my life.  I have made some really good friends there, and being away from them all really sucks.  

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and my mom wants me to go do some very very last minute shopping with her....  What have I gotten myself into??  I just hope that we can get everything we need fast, and not have to fight too many crowds.  

Time to go.... my typing is driving my daddy nuts!!


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