Thursday, May 31, 2012

Night Shifts

So, for the past 2 weeks I have been working night shifts at the hotel that I work at.  This has not been my most fun experience.  I start one day and I finish the next day.  I sleep until 5pm and I have no idea what day it is in the end....I do not know how people do this shift for long periods of time.  I just feel disoriented, and like I am a hermit, as I don't really do anything with friends any more.  The shifts go fast until about 2-3am. From then on, I am trying to find things to do to keep myself awake.  I have finished 4 500pg books already.  What more can a girl really do??  I am happy to say that tonight is my last night shift, and hopefully I will not have to do it ever again.  If you have any ideas on how to get my sleep pattern back in routine, it would be greatly appreciated!!!

Night/Morning all!!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The "C" Word

Just when you think that life can't get any tougher... it does.....

What I don't understand is why bad things happen to people when they are already in a bad spot.  I mean, can't people just get a break anymore?  

Your job sucks, people in your life disappoint you, and then BANG! you get the news that someone you love deeply has cancer.

Never in a million years would you think it possible that someone so close to you would get this awful disease.  A disease I would never wish upon anyone, not even my worst enemy (and yes, I mean you Satan).  

And I know that God never gives us more than we can handle, but sometimes it sure feels like it.  I know that he is not the one who makes us sick or anything.  But I wish that he would allow people to come up with an instant cure, something that doesn't take forever, and something that can promise that the disease will never come back.  

I know that this is the devil working, trying to get us to break.  But we are strong, and we do have God on our side.  Through him ALL things are possible!!  And no matter what anyone says, we WILL beat this.  We will beat this together, and we will be strong.  Even though it will be tough, we need to stay strong to support our loved one through this time of suffering.  

For those of you who follow me, even if you are not believers, please say a prayer.  God does answer prayer, and there is power in the number of prayers we send to him.  I am asking for your prayers, so that my loved one will come through this strong and courageous!  And, if any of you has gone through what I am going through, please let me know!  I don't really know what to expect or what it is going to be like, so anything if helpful!

I will keep you all updated on how we are doing, and how things are going.
Thanks for your support!!
I love you all!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bridal Gala!!

Bridal Gala!

Today the Lethbridge Lodge hosted the Bridal Gala.  The dresses were all supplied from Bells and Bows!  (thanks ang!)

I was asked to model a few dresses for this show!!  It was sooo much fun!!  This red dress was one of the social dresses that I got to wear!!  

This dress was one of the brides maids dresses. I actually got to walk down a runway wearing this dress!!

This dress is another social dress, and probably my favourite one that I got to wear all day!!  

I had my hair and my make-up done for me.  I truly felt like a princess!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hola Everyone!!

I have started taking a Spanish class!!  This class runs every Tuesday night from 7pm-9pm.  The first class was very easy for me, as it was going over the basic words in Spanish that I know already!  I am excited to learn more Spanish and hopefully be able to speak it and understand it more!!

The snow has melted here and the wind is just a blowin!!  Its making my house moan and groan!!  But I prefer this wind to the cold (-47c) any day!!

This Sunday, I am helping out with the Bridal Gala at the Lethbridge Lodge.  I have some pretty sweet dresses that I get to wear for it!  Once the event happens, I will try to get some pictures to post for you all to see what I got to wear!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tooo Cold!!!!

Well, the summer like weather has finally come to an end :(  I miss it very much!  These past few days it has been -26 with a windchill of -47...brrrrr!!!!!  On Tuesday my car did not want to start.... what an awful way to start my day out at 630am.  I had to take a taxi to work, and they sure are not cheap!!  When I got home in the afternoon, I called my dad to see if he could come and help me.  I learned that my little sisters car had also broken down. Dad came over, and we discovered that my cars battery is not so healthy.  We got my car started, and dad lent me this machine that will jump my car if I need it to.  After warming my car up for nearly an hour last night, I plugged it in and prayed that it would start this morning.  And it did!!!!  Now I am on the hunt to get a new battery!!

A few weeks ago (Jan 10) I got 2 exciting packages in the mail!  The first package I got was my Christmas present from the BRAT family!  My new chi straightener finally came in!!!  And I love it!!  Its soo much better than my last straightener.  I worked that afternoon, and when I got home, there was another package waiting for me.  When I opened it, it was a pair of NEW SHOES!!!!  I have a staff party on Jan 22, and I ordered this fabulous pair of new shoes for the party!!  I am in love with them, and I can't wait to wear them out!! 

I also have registered for a Spanish class.  It will be every Tuesday at the local college here in town, and I am so exicted for it!  To be able to speak the language again, will be wonderful.  I know a few words from being in Mexico for 2 weeks in 2010, but have lost a lot of it, due to the fact that I don't speak it every day.  And since my best friend in Guadalajara is getting married in December 2012, I would like to know what the minister is saying!!  I will keep you all updated with new words and phrases that I have learned that week!!