Friday, October 30, 2009

75 Degrees and climbing!!

Yesterday was a day of adventure for me. My dad took me on a tour of the Sky Valley Resort. It's a HUGE community here. They have many different activities for everyone to do. They also have a large number of pools and hot tubs for you to use as well. These pools and hot tubs are sourced from 2 natural hot springs, and they also have mineral water in them. They are known for their "healing powers" (whatever that means). After the little tour in the community, we expanded our horizons and went out into the cities. We went to Palm Springs (we are just north of Palm Springs, and south of Desert Hot Springs), Indio, and a few more places. They are sort of spread out here like the cities in the Vancouver area, so they are all very close to each other.
We went walking down Palm Springs Main Ave, and found one of my favourite stores... DEL SOL!!!
They have items in the store that are one colour, and when you bring them into the sun light, they turn into another different colour! Such a wonderful invention.
We stopped in a few stores (Costco, Wal-Mart, Lowes) and we could not believe the prices on some of the items. Sometimes it was HALF of what we pay in Canda for them... unbelievable!!!
After our day out of looking at stores and the towns, we came back home. I made supper, and then after supper we went and rested our weary bones in the wonderful hot tubs!! It was really neat to be sitting in the hot tubs, and see all the planes go by above you. I think that we counted about 30 planes in the short time that we were there, CRAZY!!
I do have pictures, but because the connection is soooo slow here, I can't upload them. When I get better connection, I will load some really cool pictures!
Well, thats all for now! Gotta get breakfast going!

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