Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Palm Springs Day 1

I was unable to post yesterday, as it was just a huge gong show, and I wasn't really in the mood for it. I had a really really bad day at work, and when I got to my parents house for the night, I just did nothing. It kind of felt good to do nothing for a change.

Today we left town at 6am to get to the airport to catch our flights. What a nightmare the Calgary airport it. We were flying West Jet and were about 3rd in the regular line to get our tickets and luggage tags, when some West Jet lady told us that we should use the self-check in kiosk, as it was MUCH faster than doing it the "old fashioned way". Well, let me tell you, that kiosk thing is a JOKE!!!!!!! First we couldn't find our tickets, and then we couldn't pick seats together. Then after we got our tickets, the machine told us to stand in another line up to get our luggage tags. That line up was about a mile long, and we stood there for an hour waiting to get our luggage tags. If we would of stayed in our place in the regular line, this wouldn't of happened in the first place.
Then we get to the customs place, and it was packed. I am looking at getting a NEXUS card, so that customs will be much shorter next time. After customs, we drop off my luggage and get the the security screening point. There was a stand still when we got there for about 15 minutes. They were not telling anyone what happened, or what was going on. Then when the lines do start moving, they move SLOW!! Finally, we get to the front of the line, pass the lady with the nasty wand thing, and wait for our times to come out of the x-ray machine. Well, apparently the didn't like my purse, because they put it through 4 times!!!!!!!!! There was nothing in there!!!!!!

We landed great, and got our rental car and now we are relaxing in our house, waiting for our pizza to cook.
The internet connection is not that great here, but I will try my best to be back later!!

OOoo.. pizza is done!!
Chow time!!

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